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Calculated Fuel Rates on a Per Load Basis

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[]Accurately calculate the fuel surcharge rate for a load based on the fuel prices along a route. That's right, with FuelSurchargeIndex.org, you can precisely determine the price of diesel fuel for a surcharge based on the prices where the load will travel - allowing you to precisely determine the exact fuel surcharge rate for that load.

Gone are the days of basing a surcharge rate on a regional or national fuel price average. Now, you can find the diesel prices anywhere in the nation and most importantly specific to where a load is running. With the service provided here, you can get the exact rate to charge to a shipper, saving you countless expenses in incorrect charges.

For instance, if a load is set to run 1,200 miles, and the surcharge for that load is off by just $0.02, that ends up costing a trucking company $24. Multiply that times the number of loads dispatched in a month and you can quickly see just how valuable accurate fuel charge calculations can be. Consider the differences in fuel prices all across the country and you can see how correctly calculating a surcharge can save a trucking company and a shipper money – something that gets more and more valuable in a tight economy.

Targeted Surcharge Services

We offer a host of services for trucking companies and drivers looking for precise fuel surcharge information.

FREE Cost Per Gallon:
Just enter the Origin City and the Destination City for a load and click Calculate. It’s that easy to get the average per gallon cost of diesel fuel along a freight lane.

Full Service Access:
Calculate average prices for specific lanes by entering the location(s) for a trip. Currently, a maximum of five stops can be used on each trip. Prices returned will include the average retail fuel price, a list of stops and their retail fuel price, and much more.
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Corporate Web Service Access:
For high volume users, we offer Corporate Web Service Access. FuelSurchargeIndex.org uses a custom SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface that allows for quick and easy integration with your database managing software. Determining the surcharge rate has never been easier. These additional services include:View the
  • GetFuelCostPerGallonOnly
    Get a Cost Per Gallon fuel rate for a route.
  • GetFuelCostTotalOnly
    Get total fuel cost for a route.
  • GetFuelSurchargeFull
    Get a full cost analysis for a route.
  • GetTotals
    Get totals for a request without state and truck stop data.
  • PriceIsAvailableForDate
    Determine if prices are available for a date.
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